Shahin Medical

revolutionary new digital payment it can be used as payment for medical products
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Supporting medical products

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Coin Specifications

It is the first cryptocurrency to support medical products and can be used to pay for medical products.



It is the first cryptocurrency to support medical products that human need.
Shahin Medical can be used as a method of payment for medical products with plans to expand with other partner platforms.
Shahin Medical relies on Ethereum Blockchina technology using smart contracts to create secure and private communication links between our users

Shahin Medical Store

We are working on establishing it as soon as possible.



Here are a few facts about SHAHIN MEDICAL


Total supply




Members of SHAHIN MEDICAL community



Roadmap 2020/2021

This is the Roadmap for simultaneous implementation to place SHAHIN MEDICAL among top 100 cryptos in 2020

Windows, Linux, and Mac Wallets 2020 (Completed)

You can easily store your icons in the supported desktop wallets ERC20.

Add Exchanges 2020 Q3

In order to increase liquidity of the token and enable this token as a value storage we will add SHAHIN MEDICAL to other exchanges

Expansion of SHAHIN MEDICAL Community (On going)

We see a healthy growing community as the basis to support and spread the word about SHAHIN MEDICAL

Mobile wallets

Shahin Medical is stored in mobile wallets and used as a payment method in the near future.

Partners 2021 Q1

Contracting with a group of companies specialized in the production of medical products

Shahin Medical Store 2021 Q4

Establishing a store to buy medical products using Shahin Medical as a method of payment.Look over

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Wallets that support SHAHIN MEDICAL

Adding SHAHIN MEDICAL into your Wallet

SHAHIN MEDICAL can be easily added to any ERC20 compatible wallets. simply by copying information below: token address and symbol to the custome token tab. We believe everything has to be easy.

Shahin Medical Contract Information

Contract address 0x138537DDba70aB69C05497b89Ee2e34F9201DCec

Symbol SML

Decimals 18

Shahin Medical TEAM

Ahmad Shahin

Co-Founder, CEO

Ali Alsalman

Co-Founder, CTO

Mohanad Zhour

Co-Founder, CIO


Community manager and social media

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